Frequently Asked Questions

About Work

What can I do for you...?

My services are the ones listed in this website. I am not working on back end development, branding or illustrations. If your proyect requires other knowledge not listed, I am more than happy to connect you with someone that knows how to do it.

Who is in the workfocre..?

Me, myself and I. I noramlally work alone but if your project requires it, then I will be ready for it.

How long have you been doing this...?

I have been building and designing websites since 2017

Where do you work...?

I normally work remotely at home in the Åland Islands.But if you want to meet me in person and have the budget to do so, I'll be ready.

What tools do you use?

I am working mostly with Figma for design and prototype and Krita for other web design purpose. For front-end web development HTML, CSS (SASS) and Javascript (jQuery).

What Language do you use when working..?

My mother language is Spanish, then I can communicate in Italian, Swedish & English if needed.

Rates, contracts & payments.

What budget do i need to work with you...?

It will depend on the scope of the project.I you need something more accurate, do not hesitate to contact me meet me and have a chat.

How about a contract..?

Absolutely, it's the key for a good relationship creator-client.

Are instalments required...?

All new clients NO residents in the Åland Islands and Finland are required to pay 50% deposit in advance. Long-term clients residents withing the Åland Islands just pay their invoices on time at the end of each month or at concluded chapter

What are your payment methods...?

I’m accepting the following regular payment options: SEPA transfer (no fee), SWIFT transfer (you cover your banks fees, I cover mine), PayPal (4% fee).