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Michael Andreuzza


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Available for new projects and collaborations. Remote and InHouse.

Currently not taking any project.

I'm a self taught Front-end Designer, product guy and a bootstrapped Indie Hacker, with a simple and modernist visual language, specialized in Tailwind CSS, dark-mode design and Tailwind CSS UI Components. I have a wide range of customers around the world, enjoying the products that I built, designed and marketed. I have recently sold my SAAS Wicked Templates and Wicked Blocks and right now I am building another one while working on Unwrapped and Supreme.

For the past four years I've also been curating a collection of color inspiration Colors & Fonts, creating VS Code Themes , like Serendipity, Sequoia, Malibu and Relentless.

I have also been launching projects on Product Hunt successfully.

I had the privilege of having my work featured on the following sites and publications: Bytes , Product Hunt , Alpine.js Weekly ,One Page Love ,Creative Tim ,Brad Traversy ,Specky Boy ,Code Drops ,Design Course ,Laravel Daily ,Dark Mode Design ,Guia Dev Brasil

You can find me on Dribble , Figma Community , Indie Hackers and Twitter and you can get in touch via e-mail, you can talk to me in English, Spanish, Italian & Swedish.

Michael Andreuzza
Location: Ă…land Islands, Finland