Michael Andreuzza

A random guy learning front-end and ui/ux design by itself while building projects.

I really enjoy CSS frameworks and I want to try most of them.



WICKEDBLOCKS is an open source growing collection of layout blocks and components built with Tailwind CSS V2 ready to copy paste on your Tailwind project.

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Easy integration landing pages for your next project.

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COLORSANDFONTS is a collection of color and typography resources for Web Developers and Digital Designers to find inspiration.

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A bi-weekly newsletter for web developers and UI/UX designers discovering new resources and articles about the latest and relevant trends.

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Keep yourself accountable while learning Tailwind. You'll be building components, layouts or anything with Tailwind in your favourite code editor and share them on Twitter with the hashtag #30DaysOfTailwindCSS

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Tailwind Garden

A demonstration that you can build very nice sites with Tailwind.

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Brutalist One

A collection of brutalist sites. Brutalist doesn't mean bad code or poor UX.

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I am doing this.

Right now I am working pretty much on WickedTemplates, small and fun side porjects and sending the newsletter.

At the same time, I also get inquiries to build and design custom landing pages with Tailwind.


Reach out anytime

I am easily reachable on Twitter and by email.