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I'm a self-taught front-end designer and developer who enjoys creating modern designs with Tailwind CSS. I have customers worldwide and have had successful projects. Recently, two of my projects were acquired, and I'm currently working on Lexington Themes. I also curate Colors & Fonts and create VS Code Themes.

I am currently available for Enquires. If you need a landing page or redesign something that you already have, do not hesitate to get in contact. michael@andreuzza.com

As a solo developer, I offer a unique and personalized approach to design and build exclusively and responsive landing pages using Astro and Tailwind CSS.

My singular focus on your project ensures efficient and effective results, delivering a stunning website tailored to your specific business needs and goals. Trust on my expertise allows to craft anything that will help you stand out and convert visitors into customers.

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Amrit Nagi Founder of Tailwind Toolbox I've been following Mike's career for a while now and it's amazing just how quickly the quality and variety of his work has developed and evolved! He's always learning or working on something new and constantly refining his work to be the best! His attention to detail, 'can do' attitude and work ethic is refreshing and he will definitely help you succeed!

Gabriel Perales Software Engineer at Cabify Mike has helped me with many designs, and I couldn't follow his working speed when we worked together. His designs are slick, and he delivers a lot of value; he is constantly iterating his designs and making improvements.

Volkan Kaya Founder of Versoly.com Mike is a rare breed of designer & developer that understands business needs. He leveraged his previous experience to build out a few landing pages very quickly for Versoly

Mike Blogger at Raspada I have had the absolute pleasure of working with Mike in the past when building my blog Raspada with its Backend UI or to building a private application for a leading hearing care company. Mike’s knowledge and attention to detail is second to none, and he really understands and listens to his clients (me).

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