I am a self-taught front-end designer and dedicated entrepreneur who has embraced a bootstrap approach to business.

My design philosophy is characterized by its simplicity and modernist style, with a specialization in Astro, Tailwind CSS and dark-mode design.

I am fortunate to maintain a diverse global customer base, all of whom derive substantial value from the meticulously crafted products I've developed, designed, and effectively marketed.

In 2022, I achieved a significant milestone when two of my projects were successfully acquired. Presently, I am actively engaged in the development of Lexington Themes and freelancing on my studio Monomod.

Over the past four years, I have diligently curated a popular collection and webtool of color inspirations known as Colors & Fonts, SVG Doodles, creating VS Code Themes , like this collection.

I have had the privilege of having my work showcased on prominent platforms and publications: Bytes , Product Hunt , Alpine.js Weekly ,One Page Love ,Creative Tim ,Brad Traversy ,Specky Boy ,Code Drops ,Design Course ,Laravel Daily ,Dark Mode Design ,Guia Dev Brasil

You can connect with me on Dribble , Figma Community , Indie Hackers , Twitter and read CV. Feel free to reach out via email via e-mail, and rest assured, I can communicate in English, Spanish, Italian, and Swedish.