Michael Andreuzza


Brief Facts About Me

  • Born in London on the 80s at St Thomas’ Hospital Medical School. My father is Italian, and my mother is a Spaniard.
  • Raised in the north of Italy and south Spain.
  • I lived most of my life in Borgosesia, Vercelli Italy, gorliz, bilbao and Torrevieja, Alicante, Spain.
  • Passionate about drawing cars.
  • Lifelong surfer.
  • Fluent in Castilian Spanish, English, Italian, and Swedish.
  • Served as a lifeguard on the Spanish coast.
  • Moved to Harrogate in 2009 in my 20s to explore life in the UK.
  • Returned to Spain seeking the warmth and sunshine I missed.
  • Relocated to Helsinki with my wife in 2011.
  • Now living in the Åland Islands.
  • Proudly a father and a husband.
  • Inspired to pursue web development after tweaking my Android phone settings.
  • Launched my first project, Colors and Fonts, in 2018 and have been actively building since.
  • Developed 4 projects on a laptop with a failing and falling screen; two were acquired in 2022.
  • Began building Lexington Themes and Windstatic in 2022, officially launched in February 2023.
  • I admire simplicity and clarity in design.
  • Consistency is my go-to resource in both life and work, guiding my approach to web development, project management, and personal growth.

Reflecting on my journey from the diverse landscapes of Italy and Spain to the innovative tech scene in the Åland Islands, I’ve embraced the challenges and opportunities each move presented. My passion for design, development, and entrepreneurship drives me forward, with consistency as the cornerstone of my success. As I continue to explore new ventures and creative projects, I remain committed to the simplicity and clarity that define my work and life philosophy.

Thank you for taking the time to learn a bit about me. I’m excited for what the future holds and look forward to the continuous evolution of my projects and personal endeavors. Have a beautiful day.

Michael Andreuzza