Michael Andreuzza


Enjoying family, life and becoming the best part of me. This “Now” page reflects my current priorities and goals, and I will update it regularly as my focus and activities change over time.

published: 2023.12 | last updated: 2024.03

What I am doing

As of December 2023, here are a few things I’m focused on:

  • Eating only meat: Embracing a carnivore diet for health and simplicity.
  • Building an office on my garage: Creating a dedicated space for focus and creativity.
  • Morning runs before I start working: Prioritizing physical health and mental clarity.
  • Working on Lexington themes and upcoming ventures: Dedicating my full-time efforts to grow my projects.
  • Waking up at 06:00: Maximizing the day to enjoy more quality time with my family.
  • Being consistent in working on my projects: Avoiding distractions to maintain progress and momentum.
  • Reading Jordan B. Peterson’s ‘12 Rules for Life’: Gaining insights for personal development and challenging perspectives.

What I am not doing

To prioritize the things that matter most, here are a few things I’m intentionally not doing right now:

  • Wasting time: Focusing on productivity and meaningful activities.
  • This is my 25th year without watching TV: Choosing to spend my time on more engaging and enriching activities.
  • I am not neglecting my physical and mental health: Regularly exercising and taking time to unwind and relax outdoors to maintain well-being.

As I navigate through these priorities, I’m learning every day and embracing the challenges and opportunities that come my way. I’m grateful for the journey and excited about what the future holds.

I’d love to hear from you if you’re on a similar path or have insights to share. Feel free to reach out to me via Twitter

I plan to update this page regularly, reflecting on my progress and adjusting my focus as needed. Stay tuned for the next update!

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